prima donna – definitely true today – not throwing tantrums but being a first timer and female – all this is very confusing and a steep learning curve

today I thought I’d written my first blog

instead I cut and pasted it into ‘who we are and what makes us buzz’

then I cut and pasted 2 superb and very kind reviews we’ve received into ‘BeeInspired and making creams’ – they don’t appear as blogs either

then I wrote a brief bit on bees and flew them into ‘bees, how wonderful are they!’

I thought I could categorise each blog under a subject type to make it easier for people to read and find useful info – I’ve obviously got a lot to learn!

we were hacked on Twitter today and I felt violated and embarrassed and hope too many people weren’t very cross – we told the bees and they threatened to sting anyone else who hacks us – so there be a warning to you wastrels!

next thing to do is get the website to connect to this – that’s going to be no mean feat

here’s a photo of a perfect frame of bees, honey, capped brood and eggs – I’m looking forward to seeing more of this from now on as our beekeeping year has really started now the weather’s warming



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